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How Different Will Your Life Be In Just 1 Year?

Hello Friend,

I am your Life Purpose Coach, Valerie Priester, and author of 7 Steps to Rebuild Your Life on Purpose. It is a FREE eBook that’s a quick read but packed with information on how to turn your life around in just seven simple steps. If you have not read it please get your copy NOW by clicking the image below. The Victorious Life Coaching’s Winning Ways Success System goes beyond the steps from my book, and gives you an incredible life changing program with action steps that you will find is beyond your expectations.

Free E-Book - REDO

Take a moment to think back to a year ago today. Do you remember what you were doing? Do you remember what your goals were?

Think really carefully about the intentions you had for the coming 12 months.

Have any of those goals/dreams/aspirations fallen short?

Chances are… they have.


Because what we WANT
And what we DO…

are often worlds apart!

We may have the biggest, boldest dreams in the world. To recreate our financial, physical, emotional, relationship or spiritual world. But unless we have a plan and a system to embed and ingrain these changes… we revert to old habits.

Don’t feel bad. EVERYONE does this. It is part of the “human condition”.

But what if you could interrupt your pattern of “sameness”?
What if you could actually create a change in your mindset at a core level?

Visualize it, Imagine it!

Could it be possible that in 1 year from now, your entire life could be different?

You could be:

A happier you
A healthier you
A stronger you
A more confident you
A financially successful you
A spiritually connected you

Or anything that is most important with your true self!


Instead of wishing, hoping or dreaming of improving your life, only to watch your bad habits sabotage you again… NOW is the time to make a permanent shift. To transform yourself into a new you that will turn the heads of family, friends and co-workers.

I am proud to introduce to YOU…

The Victorious Life Coaching’s Winning Ways Success System

12 months to a completely new YOU!

When you join the Victorious Life Coaching’s Winning Ways Success System you get instant access to a success program that will reconnect you with your true desires in life and hold you accountable to creating real change to bring those changes about.

The Victorious Life Coaching’s Winning Ways Success System is built on the premise that “small changes produce big impact.”

Instead of setting you up for failure by asking you to invest hours and hours a day to transform yourself, Victorious Life Coaching’s Winning Ways Success System guides you to make small calculated changes, that are easy to implement, over the course of an entire year.

This is a fun program that is designed to integrate into your already busy life.

If you have a few minutes a day to invest in changing your life… then Victorious Life Coaching’s Winning Ways Success System will work for you.


Over the course of the next 12 months, you will be focusing on a general area of improvement in your life.

The winning ways system goes through the following process month by month…

Facing Fear
Acting As If
Asking For Things
Time Management
Communication and Public Speaking
Keeping Score
Giving Back

Each month you will be given an overview of the topic at hand, a set of exercises and a weekly follow up.

Each week you will receive an email reminder of your tasks for the week. This is designed to keep you on track while minimizing the amount of time you spend on this program.

At the end of 12 months… you will have given yourself the chance to focus on pure self improvement in 12 vital areas for LIFELONG success.

All it takes is a few minutes a day and CONSISTENCY! And that’s what we’re here for. We will keep you on track while you go from good, to great to phenomenal.

Just think… 1 year from now EVERYTHING could be WAY better. All you have to do is take the first step. Join the Victorious Life Coaching’s Winning Ways Success System today and give yourself the gift of personal success and true happiness.

If you know me, then you know that I have worked for many years with people that wanted to improve their lives so they can live with purpose, passion, and power. For each person that looks different but the winning ways to success is the same.

It doesn’t matter what your dream is; a better career, a loving relationship, a healthier lifestyle, the process or the system to get you to it remains the same.

Yes, there is a system to creating the life you desire.  A system to creating a victorious life.

Victorious people are people that take action, that live intentionally and on purpose. They aren’t just sitting around WAITING for their life to get better, or for their life to change.

Victorious people are people that commit to their personal development and take action consistently.  They don’t just exist, they live! They live with purpose, passion and power!

Victorious people are people with a success mindset that propels them forward.  They practice excellence in all that they do.

Victorious people are people that go beyond dreaming and make a decision to put their dreams into action. They MAKE A MOVE!

And the great thing about deciding to be a Victorious person is that once you learn HOW to follow a system to achieve your goals you can apply that system to all areas of your life and create a victorious life.  The system, it really is simple.  The challenge is your commitment to consistent action. It is sticking with it, overcoming the obstacles the naysayers, the doubters and even your doubts and fears that is the real challenge to living a victorious lifestyle.

When you decide to Join the Victorious Life Coaching’s Winning Ways Success System you are committing to learn that system, master the winning ways to become a Victorious person.

The Victorious Life Coaching’s Winning Ways Success System is not for people that are not committed to doing the work. This system is for the people that desire to live with purpose, passion and power.  You get to make the decision — is this the life that you desire?  or is there more?

The change that you are seeking begins with you – nothing changes until you change.

If you’re ready for a life change, ready to be a Victorious person living a Victorious Life then you are right for this program.  I have provided the system, you must bring the willingness to do the work, the commitment and perseverance in order to change your life.

0034 - smallerI’m Life Purpose Coach, Valerie Priester.  I am a Victorious person and I live a victorious life. I am giving you a success system that helps you rebuild your life so you can live with purpose, passion, and power!

I welcome you into the Victorious Life Coaching’s Winning Ways Success System.  I celebrate your decision to join the victorious lifestyle and live the life you desire. Please know that this is not a race but a journey and a journey well worth taking.